Labor Scholars in the Early 20th Century Thesis

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¶ … labor scholars in the early 20th century recognized that "the overshadowing problem of the American labor movement has always been the problem of staying organized." Why is staying organized a problem? What should unions do to increase their success in organizing new employees and in staying organized?

The American labor movement has met with innumerable setbacks since the early 20th century. Staying organized has been difficult for the movement, partly because of its diversity and demographics. Poor leadership models plagued the movement, causing it to virtually disintegrate at times. Organized labor membership plummeted, from representing more than one third of all non-agricultural workers in the 1945, to a mere fraction of that in 2010 (Silverman). Thus, the term organized labor came to connote something of an oxymoron.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Thesis on Labor Scholars in the Early 20th Century Assignment

Both internal and external forces have contributed to the reasons for why labor has had trouble staying organized. Internal forces include the inability to create cohesive political goals for members and the inability to work with, rather than against, the diversity of the labor force. The members of labor unions "most reluctant to organize" include what have ironically been also the fastest growing demographics: women, service industry workers, and college-educated workers ("The Labor… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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