Labor Union Negotiations the Zinnia Essay

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Since this is one of the key issues they should not settle on this point for anything less than two percent. Another key point is the issue of benefits. Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket and employees are left paying for the increases in costs without much help from their employers. Therefore, this should be the second key factor in the negotiations and should take the same stance. The Union should begin with a three percent offering and reduce it to no lower than two percent.

The other factors are slightly less salient however modest gains could stand to be earned in each of the different factors. For example, employees earn exactly zero vacation or holiday time during their first year. It is hard to imagine an employee working a whole year without any substantial break. Even a small vacation would do much to improve employee morale and make the workforce stronger. Therefore it is recommended that after three months of employment, employee should at least get a modest break. Then after six months they should also get another. They should at least a chance to take an extended weekend vacation somewhere so they can rejuvenate their spirits.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Labor Union Negotiations the Zinnia Assignment

The two primary factors as well as the subsidiary concern about the vacation time should serve as the basis for any potential strike. The other factors can begin at a three percent offering but be used as leverage pieces for the negotiations. These are all points in which the hotel could gain their winning position in. It is likely that if the Union holds strong to their stance they can stand to benefit from the three primary goals and the hotel can also benefit from temporary relief from going any further on the other points of negotiation.
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