Labor Unions Are Communities Essay

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This can occur when the organization only concentrates on its personal interests and expects that the employees are simply going to cooperate. Workers can only emphasize the important role they play within the company as a result of refraining from collaborating.

Depending on the attitudes that a company puts across with regard to its employees, they are more or less likely to cooperate. Some companies prefer to take on an adversarial strategy by acting only based on their interests. Other companies are likely to accept to cooperate with a representative elected by its employees. A number of companies actually support their employees in getting actively involved in making important decisions and addressing organization policies.

Society has experienced much change during recent decades and while unions have preserved many of the attributes they held more than a century ago, matters are confusing with regard to the exact role they play in today's world. At a certain point in history unions actually supported numerous individuals in being able to have organizations respect their rights. However, it seems that unions have recently lost many of their initial values with the purpose of being able to maintain their position. The irony is that many unions have come to be well-managed organizations, practically coming to be exactly what union members despise the most.

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The general idea is not necessarily that unions are no longer relevant, it is just that they are no longer relevant in the U.S. And in their current form. Other countries certainly need unions that can fight for the rights of workers, but the fact is that the U.S. is unlikely to improve as a whole as long as unions within the country fail to acknowledge that times have changed and that they need to restructure their strategies in order to actually be as effective as they have been in the past.

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All things considered, unions are no longer relevant in the U.S. As long as they maintain their traditional attitudes. Union leaders have to acknowledge the different environment they are currently living in and they thus have to concentrate on trying to continue to be harsh with regard to companies attempting to exploit their employees unfairly while also gaining a more complex ability to differentiate between situations when they need to use force and situations when they need to focus on cooperating.


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