Labor Unions Are Organizations That Lawfully Represent Article Critique

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Labor unions are organizations that lawfully represent workers in many industries across the economy. They offer workers collective bargaining with their employers on issues such as wages, employment benefits as well as working conditions. Labor unions as well represent their members in the event that they are in disputes with their employers over violation of provisions provided for in contract agreements. In the United States, majority of the Labor unions are allied to one of the two larger umbrella unions, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations and the Change to Win Federation. This trend of labor unions in the United States merging to form larger unions' dates back to the late 1970s and in the recent past has been multi-jurisdictional (Moody, 2009).

In this regard, the article 'The Direction of Union Mergers in the United States: The Rise of Conglomerate Unionism' by Moody Kim published in the British Journal of Industrial Relations examines the root of this trend of merging. It as well examines the effectiveness that merged labor unions achieve in regards to finances, organizing as well as collective bargaining. In light of this, this paper seeks to analyze the aforementioned journal article while expressing my point-of-view that the merging of labor unions does not make them effective in championing their main course of collective bargaining.

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TOPIC: Article Critique on Labor Unions Are Organizations That Lawfully Represent Assignment

Kim in the article argues that the influential factor influencing the merger of unions is the sharp decline in union membership that has persisted since 1954. A recent survey undertaken by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the level of unionization in the country stands at 12.4% of all workers. This represents a significantly low level of unionization in the country and has profound effects on the existence of unions. One significant effect of this decline in membership is the fact that it places huge financial strains on labor unions. This is in the sense that unions finance their activities through contributions made by their members thus a reduction in membership signifies a reduction in the contributions made to the unions (Moody, 2009).

However, considering the manner in which unions acquire their finances, the merging of unions dies not make them effective financially. This is in the sense that merging ensures that a wide array of workers contribute to one union thus increasing the revenue that that union collects. However, such a union has increased financial needs owing to its increased size. In this regard, the merging of union does minimal effect in influencing the effectiveness of unions in regards to their… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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