Landforms Barrier Island Beaches Term Paper

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[. . .] ..

a Roads

b Latitudes

c Elevations

d scale of distances e Man-made structures

84. The cartographic technique by which points on the sphere of the Earth are transferred to points on the plane surface of a map is ...

a Trajection

b Projection

c Intersection

d Interpolation

e approximation

85. The Mercator projection is actually which type of projection?

a Conical

b Gnomonic

c Zenithal

d Conformal

e cylindrical

86. The reference lines on a globe which circle the Earth parallel to the equator are lines of ...

a Elevation

b Northings

c Latitude

d longitude

87. How many acres are in the E1/2 of the NW1/2 of the SW1/2 of a section?

a 40

b 20

c 80

d 60

e 10


90. What is the main cause of the dry conditions in the Atacam ?

a The rain clouds are all blocked by the Andes Mountains.

b A cold current off shore causes condensation of water vapor in the clouds before they reach land.

c It is too hot to rain.

d There is no source of water nearby.

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91. Rain Forest wildlife of South America include all of the following except a Pronghorn Antelope

b Peccary

c Capybara

d Toco Toucan

e Golden Lion Tamarin

92. Name one other coastal desert with a similar weather pattern to the Atacam.

a The Sahara Desert

b The Mongolian Desert

c The Namib Desert

d Death Valley

Term Paper on Landforms Barrier Island Beaches Generally Assignment

93. Hot and dry deserts are all of the following except (circle all that apply)

a Taklamakan desert

b Arabian desert

c Kalahari desert d Mohave desert e Great Basin desert

94. What kind of ecosystem has left the most stable and fertile soils for cultivation?

a tropical rain forest

b mixed deciduous forest c prairie d boreal forest

95. Tropical rainforest plants have adapted to the existing circumstances of the environment. These include all of the following except a Large leaves b Round tip leaves c Some plants live high up in the canopy d Smooth bark e Buttress type base

96. The Steppe biome is a dry, cold, grassland that is found in all of the following continents except a Australia

b North America

c Africa

d Asia

e South America

97. Rainfall in deserts is fairly low. However, the deserts in ____ have a substantial higher rainfall than all the other deserts.

a South America

b Australia

c Central Asia

d North America

e Africa


98. Which planet has the most volcanoes?

a Mercury

b Venus

c Earth

d Mars

99. Which continent has no active volcanoes?

a Asia

b Europe

c Australia

d Antarctica

e South America

100. How is magma different from lava?

a The two are the same b Magma is unerupted lava c Lava can have gas in it

d Magma is a large amount of lava e All of the above

101. A Tombolo is a A spit that connects the mainland to an offshore island b Bowl shaped depression found at the head of glacial valleys c Pyramidal peaks that form when several cirques chisel a mountain from three or more sides d the narrow serrated ridges found in glaciated alpine areas e A spectacular erosional landforms


102. The continental margin is actually made up of three structures. They include all of the following except a Continental rise b Continental slope c Continental divide d Continental shelf e All of the above are structures within the continental margin

103.Features associated with glaciers include all of the following except a Cirques

b Lahars

c aretes d Moraines

e Horns

104. Types of Deltas include all of the following except a Arcuate (fan-shaped) delta b Bird-foot delta c Talus delta d Cuspate delta e Estuarine delta

105. The landforms that are found on the surface of the Earth can be grouped into 4 main categories. They include all of the following except:

a Structural Landforms

b Weathering Landforms

c Glacial landforms d Erosional Landforms

e Depositional Landforms


106. Particles are normally grouped into a number of main classes:

a Bedrock, gravel and sand b River rock, gravel, sand and clay c sand, silt, and clay.

d Decomposed granite, sand, silt, and clay.

e Rocks, sand, silt, and clay.

107. In general a number of broad categories of mechanisms for weathering are distinguished. They include all of the following.

a chemical, physical and biological.

b Fluvial, physical and biological c Fluvial, Glacial and biological d chemical, glacial and biological e Fluvial, Glacial and volcanic


109. Main Volcano Types include

a. Vulcanian, Hawaiian, Surtsayan

b. Scoria cone, Shield volcano, Stato vulcano

c. Cylindrical, Round, Cone

d. Vesuvian, Strombolian, Vulcanian

e. None of the above

110. Eruptions of Kilauea volcano, on Hawaii, are mainly of the ____ type.

a. Plinian

b. Vulcanian

c. Effusive

d. Surtseyan

e. Strombolian

112. Which of the following definitions is false?

a. SPATTER -- Impact of molten spatter fragments hitting the ground and flattening into roughly circular disks.

b. A CALDERA is a large, usually circular depression at the summit of a volcano formed when magma is withdrawn or erupted from a shallow underground magma reservoir


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