Language (Cognitive Psychology) Thesis

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Language (Cognitive Psychology)

Language is considered to be an exclusively human mode of communication although other animals make use of quite sophisticated communicative systems, sometimes casually referred to as animal language, none of these are known to make use of all of the properties that linguists use to define language but when discussed more technically as a general phenomenon, "language" always entails a very particular way of human thinking which can be present even when communication is not the result, and this way of thinking is also sometimes treated as indistinguishable from language itself (Language, n. d.).

Definition of Language and Lexicon

Language is defined in Wikipedia (Language, n. d.) as a form of symbolic communication in which elements are combined to represent something other than themselves; and the term "language" also refers to particular systems of communal communication (Language, n. d.).

The Online Etymology Dictionary (2001) stated that the word "Lexicon" came from Greek word, "lexicon" (biblion or book) from the words: "lexikos," means as words and "lexis" came from "legein," which means say or to lecture; lexicon was originally used in Greek, Syrian, Hebrew and Arabic dictionaries because these languages were usually in Latin. In linguistics, the lexicon of a language is its vocabulary, including its words and expressions; and the lexicon includes the lexemes used to actualize words (Lexicon, n. d.).

The Key Features of Language

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Language is a set of generally accepted signs -- indices, icons or symbols, is only one feature of language; for all languages must identify the structural relationships between these signs in a system of grammar, the context wherein the signs are used -- pragmatics and be dependent on their context or its meaning (Language, n. d.).

TOPIC: Thesis on Language (Cognitive Psychology) Language Is Considered to Assignment

The grammar rules are one of the features at times supposed to differentiate language from other type of communication. They allow a limited set of signs to be influenced to make a possible limitless number of grammatical utterances and another property of language is that its symbols are subjective that whichever concept or grammatical rule can be mapped onto a symbol -- the majority of languages utilizes sound, except the arrangements of sounds employed do not have any essential and inherent meaning - they are just an agreed-upon rule to symbolize a particular thing by users of that language (Language, n. d.).

The Four Levels of Language Structure and Processing

The four levels of language are made up of the following: (1) phonetics or sound, (2) semantics or words, (3) grammar or sentences, and (4) pragmatics or the uses of the language.

Phonetics came from the Greek word, "phone," which means "sound, voice;" it is a branch of linguistics that comprises the study of the sounds of human speech and it is concerned with the physical properties of speech sounds (phones), and the processes of their physiological production, auditory reception, and neurophysiological perception (Phonetics, n. d.).

Semantics is the study of meaning in communication which is derived from the Greek word "semantikos," meaning significant, and from "semaino," which is to signify or to indicate and that from "sema," which is to sign or mark; but in linguistics, Semantics is the study of interpretation of signs as used by agents or communities within particular circumstances and contexts (Semantics, n. d.).

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