Language Development Research Paper

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¶ … Language Acquisition" (2004), the authors have put together an array of information on the development and origination of language in infants. Two of the most over bearing theories in language development is whether language is in fact due to nature or due to nurture. The debate is whether language is preprogrammed in the brain and works like an on and off switch when certain parts are triggered, or whether it is learned through proper teaching and a literacy upbringing. In the first six months of life, infants are exposed to so many different sounds and they see so many different mouthed movements that they capture all that into their system.

When disorders are found in language, it makes it interesting to analyze because it's a way for psychologists to determine how much influence the brain or certain areas of the brain has on language development. In the article titled, "Language Disorder, Developmental" (2009), this is exactly what the authors tries to emphasize. Dysphasia and Aphasia are both language disorders which encompasses the loss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage. This gives analysts a unique opportunity to determine exactly where language is controlled in the brain.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Language Development Assignment

Various methods are used to measure hearing and speech in the article, "Speech and Hearing Measures" (2004). Just as the amount of power given off by speakers in sound waves is measured, the same is done for speech and audio released from it by humans. Scientists offer a unique look into the dimensions of speech and give physiologists a unique opportunity to measure language by its parts, and break it down. Unlike a therapist who would teach someone how to speak and how to develop their language by teaching them syntax, phonics, and other kindred speech, these tools would teach them how to measure the sound that comes out from the speech. Clinical assessments are also used as tools to measure how each individual interprets language. Not everyone thinks, learns, nor speaks the same way, so these tools try to take all that into consideration to develop a well rounded way and incorporate everyones different style. But in the end, it should all measure how language is developing within that person.

The article, "Psycholinguistics" (2003) explains the correlation between "linguistic behavior and the psychological processes thought to underlie that behavior. For example, what the effects of language have on how things are perceived or how things are memorized. Psychologists in this area want to determine what the role in speech and how speech is perceived effects everything else that a person does or is involved in. The way an infant learns the language is something that is also of interest to these types of psychologists because it gives them an underlying understanding of how language development is acquired.

Overall, language is a very complex subject. How an infant learns how to speak is something that seems to be innate and learned by… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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