Laptops Technology Is the In-Thing Research Paper

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From the 1990s and thereafter, there have been several developments of the laptop designs and incorporation of advanced software.

The technology incorporated in the manufacture of the laptops is quite complicated. This is due to their small size and light weight requirements; hence, there is a lot of integration applied in the system. The motherboard consists of the processor, the audio and video chips integrated within the system. The audio chips have the speaker components and added software that enhance the sound effect in the computer (ParCo & Chapman, 2010). The video chips are not universal. These depend on the manufacturer and the grade of the laptop. Laptops with low video capabilities usually attract lower prices as compared to those with higher video effects.

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The processor is designed to fit the needs and specifications of the design of the laptop. This processor is what runs the machine and hence determines the speed of the processing activity. The processor speed cannot be upgraded and hence, if the person buys a slow processor computer it remains that way. Therefore, slower processor computers do not attract high prices. The current Intel core i7 processors are the fastest with a 64- Bit memory (Bryant, 2012). The random Access Memory (RAM) is the part of the laptops that run the machine. Most laptops have a removable random access memory, and it is easily upgradable. The laptops use SODIMM (Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module). This RAM is entirely different from the desktop RAM and is consequently expensive and noticeably smaller. Furthermore, a buyer can specify the RAM specifications to the manufacturer or the vendor before purchasing the laptop and can improve the RAM. The different available RAM types for the laptops include the 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB among others.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Laptops Technology Is the In-Thing Assignment

The video chips determine the graphics capability of the laptop. As a result, there have been developments to include a dedicated RAM from the video chips as compared to the shared RAM technology. These advancements have seen the recent development of the graphics systems such as the 680m and 7970m graphics card for laptops revealed in 2012 (Nguyen & NVIDIA Corporation, 2008). The manufactures of the graphics technologies have significantly contributed in the development of the laptops. These have played a vital role in enhancing the capabilities of the laptops, therefore, cannot be deemed unnoticeable. Such include the latest developments of the GPUs built with less than 28 nm lithography specifically for the notebooks industry. The GPU drivers' development has been a debating area in the development of laptops and the general laptop technology. The first to be released is the Radeon HD 7970M which at the time it was unveiled was the most advanced technology in the graphics field. However, the Nnvidia manufacturers sought to win the crown of having the best GPU software by releasing the GeForce GTX 680M. This model of GPU is currently selling at a supersonic speed as is considered the most effective and efficient, advanced and fastest GPU for the laptops.

All these technological advancements over the years have seen the growth and development of the laptop technology grow significantly (Chambers, 2008). The laptop is the most convenient and applicable device for use for all categories of people. The students, the large and small business owners, the teachers, managers and administrators are using the laptop more than the desktop computers today. This is attributed to the many benefits and conveniences associated with the laptop. Laptops have made it easier since they can be used from any point in spite of the physical environmental challenges that may arise. The use of the laptops has impacted all sectors of life and businesses (Gookin, 2010).

In conclusion, the laptops advent has seen many changes since the first inception of the idea to develop portable computers. This has seen several technologies developed and incorporated in the industry of technology. The laptops have revolutionized the computing field remarkably.


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