Last Exorcism 2010 Reaction Paper

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¶ … Exorcism (2010)

Cotton Marcus lost his faith because his child was born with an illness. He believed that God would have made his son better if he actually existed and thus came to lose all interest in being faithful. While some might be inclined to consider that this should not matter to his congregation, the truth is that it promoting the word of God as a false believer is likely to reflect negatively, both on the individual and on the people listening to him. Marcus believes that it is all the same for his congregation and thus feels that it would be pointless for him to interfere with their beliefs.

Marcus rediscovers God at the end of the film and uses faith as a tool to fight Abalam. He should go to heaven, taking into account that he ultimately managed to connect with God and to acknowledge His power.

Nell is a farmer's daughter and it is difficult to tell who impregnate her, as all proof points toward her being impregnated by the demon. Both the film and Nell attempt to put viewers and Marcus on the wrong track in order to get their attention away from the gravity of the situation.

Nell killed the cattle as she was under Abalam's influence. She killed the cat in order to make it possible for Marcus to acknowledge that this case is not as easy as he imagined and in order for him to be able to take things seriously.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Reaction Paper on Last Exorcism 2010 Assignment

The death of Nell's mother has a strong influence on her father's opinion regarding the idea of science in general. He is reluctant to have her checked out and this actually reflects… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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