Last Supper Leonardo Divinci Analysis Essay

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Essay on Last Supper Leonardo Divinci Analysis Assignment

It can be concluded from the above discussion that the Leonardo tried to incorporate numerological clues to indicate that the room reflects the universe that is visible to man at whom the Christ is at the center. The three windows behind them provide an idea into the world of eternity or paradise and the Christ is at the perspective center of this point as well. Judas having a knife in his back is considerably saved by Leonardo as the knife is another traditional element in Last Supper paintings, which indicates the hostility of man to the traitor (Schramm, Schwarte and Lazardzig 2008, Veltman 2008, Dominiczak 2012). It further suggests the fact that Judas would die soon but at the first look, the hand holding the knife belongs to no one in the painting and Peter is restraining it from the murderous action. It can be concluded that Leonardo appears to deliver by placing Judas with the remaining Apostles in the painting that there is an element of evil in every human being and the people are required to accept it just like they have accepted the fact of death and suffering (Schramm, Schwarte and Lazardzig 2008, Dominiczak 2012, Rosenberg 2002, Veltman 2008). It is the matter of the fact that the painting is considerably a grand complication for the entire globe as there is so much meaning with different layers of complexity apparent that can be reinterpreted by the modern pales in comparison. It is also found in the paper that the Jesus Christ is having a facial expression of resigned sadness along with the assured and regal poise. The movement as observed in the painting has isolated Jesus while leaving him alone at the center of the composition (Veltman… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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