Latin America Both Social Essay

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In this instance, as the compounding of these advantages occurs, the gap widens and people are subsequently burdened by financial pressures. This is what is occurring in Latin America. Further, inequalities exist when populations of people are dependent on one resource for financial wealth, and that resource is controlled primarily by a small amount of people. We see this in America as the top 20% of Americas wealthiest families own nearly 80% of the nation's wealth. The same can be applied to Latin America in the oil industry. Brazil in particular has oil reserves that are controlled by only a small handful of individuals. This has extreme implications on society as a select few control a disproportionate amount of the wealth. By controlling much of the oil, agriculture, and mineral operations within the country, a small amount of people have a profound effect on the rest of society (Blanke, 2011).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Latin America Both Social and Assignment

Oil and agriculture, much like gold in America is a financial resource that indicates prosperity. Like in America, the more of this resource one possesses, the more financial stability that individual has. As such, there is a constant desire to accumulate financial assets, which in this example would be the materials listed above. In many instances however, some individuals are more adept at acquiring these financial assets than others. This not due to individual ability but rather certain inherent characteristics or advantages certain people have over others. For example, education, social economic status, passion, and ambition all contribute to the inequality present within Latin America. In regards to education, research has proven those
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