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Both Latin America and China have been noted for their extremely formalized codes of relations between the genders, as well as their highly contextual relations between social superiors and inferiors. However, Chinese schemas of beauty and female deference may be traced to religious and social codes that evolved within the nation. In contrast, Latin America's specific cultural attitudes towards gender can be largely traced to the influence of the Catholic Church, another example of the extent to which European faith structures permeated Latin American societies.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Latin America/China China vs. Latin Assignment

Of course the church has made its presence felt from time to time in China. However the sense of 'uniqueness' of China in contrast to the West remains, as opposed to Latin America that lacked this, because of the dispersed centralized political control in that nation. Despite the acknowledged depth of provincial divisions within China, China's rigid class system, and its striking linguistic diversity, the level of political cohesion that the Asian nation has enabled it to retain a certain level of integrity. China is, despite its vastness, a nation in the European understanding of statehood, while 'Latin American' as a political and cultural identity has always embraced a far more loosely defined notion of a blurry ethnic and racial heritage.
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