Latin American Economy Between Years Reaction Paper

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What was the impact on the development of political systems?

With stronger economies, much of the political dysfunction of Latin American countries was no longer tolerated. Many nations during this period had political coups resulting in the violent overthrow of the government. Sometimes these coups would be violent and other times, but far less often, the newly-formed governments would be founded peaceably.

With increased economic impact, the political structures of the Latin American nations were strengthened.

How did this export oriented pattern of development affect social structures?

With the impact of political growth through economic strength, Latin American nations were opened up to the influences of the countries that the agricultural products were exported to. The industrial revolution and ever-increasing population in European and American nations led to an increasing demand for products. One particularly important change was in terms of racial delineation. Before the 1880s, many Latin American countries were heavily divided socially along lines of ethnic differentiation. This was not immediately modified after the influence of other nations became so prevalent, but the Latin American nations began to alter their stratification to mirror those of the western world, such as the Jim Crow laws of the American South.

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Reaction Paper on Latin American Economy Between Years Assignment

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