Latin American Studies (by Philip Swanson) Essay

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Essay on Latin American Studies (by Philip Swanson) by Assignment

Travel writing in Latin America was imagined in such a way to create certain stereotypes of both the inhabitants and physical geography when it was reported back to readers in Europe. Latin America was imagined to be more dangerous and less productive and civilized than Europe. These travel writings helped Europeans distance themselves from Latin America, and make it an even more "foreign" and "exotic" location, without even a true understanding of the realities of each country. As for consumption from Latin America, there is no doubt that Latin America has impacted the way people in North America consume and think about products. The book gives the example of just looking at one's local supermarket to see the large amount of food products that are derived from Latin America (assortments of fruits, vegetables, grain products, and even coffee from Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, and Colombia, to name a few). One argument for this occurrence of an "international food space economy" is that our domestic economy has become accustomed and even dependent upon the production of products in Latin America for our consumption. Another argument is that the particular goods from Latin America is what fuels our consumption of them. In other words, we crave what is "exotic" and "new." It is through these consumer goods that yet another "imaginative geography" is created. We can guess about where our food comes from, but the reality is that we don't have a clear idea of its starting point and how it came to be on our shelves. Overall, imagined geographies prevalent in both travel writing and in our consumption help fuel the Western world's mistaken belief that we are superior to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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