Latin Gender Issues Term Paper

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One major objective of this administration is to enhance the female educationally related policies. In regard to women's employment, examples of totally diverse opportunities have presented themselves for those prepared technologically. Information technology for example is an extremely broad labor opportunity and the generalizations of male dominance or female incapability are overshadowed by educationally obtained skill sets. There are less gender related consequences when it comes to the information revolution. Talent is appreciated by all. In many scenarios, computer-aided production invites women to take advantage of the opportunities. The key is to establish legislation that will promote the necessary educational goals for both men and women. Through educational objectives, our nation will become a more powerfully-based entity that is economically and politically prepared for the demands of the high paced global situation.

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In conclusion, this essay attempted to present new insights into the topic of gender and how it affects the Latin American economic development process. The report was written as though I had been appointed Minister of Gender Affairs in Mexico for the new President who was female. The President was elected because of the platform she ran on which was gender equality in all new and existing policies within her administration. The President requested that, as Minister of Gender Affairs in Mexico, I was to develop new national plans that would address and end discrimination against females in Mexico. In addition, the plans were to promote gender equality. The Mexican people come from a long history of male dominated societies that used imitation as the Aztecs borrowed heavily from the Olmecs, Toltecs, and Mayan cultures that preceded theirs. The essay addressed the following: Family Legislation, Labor Market Legislation, Trade Policies, Educational Policies and Health Legislation.

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Term Paper on Latin Gender Issues in Latin Assignment

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