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The fan base for Latino players has been steadily growing, there is even a web site devoted exclusively to Latino players at,where fans can log on and learn all about their favorite players, including lifetime stats, and Donruss, the legendary baseball card company, is creating a series of Spanish-language collectible baseball cards. As more Latino players move into the majors, Latino managers are making their mark, too. Felipe Alou was recently hired by the San Francisco Giants to take over the manager job vacated by Dusty Baker after the World Series. "Alou was also the fourth Latin American manager born in the Caribbean Islands, the other are Mike Gonzalez, Preston G. mez and Cookie Rojas all from Cuba. Later Tany Perez (Cuba)and Tony Pena (Dominican Republic) became the fifth and sixth respectively" (Pi-Gonzalez). Alou was also the first Latino to manage an All-Star game in 1995.

It has not always been easy for Latino players to gain acceptance in baseball as Alou can attest. "In his first season he was assigned to play on a team in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but was forced to leave after only five games due to racial segregation. In 1963 he wrote an article in Sport magazine detailing the prejudice Latin players faced in the United States" (Partin et al. 24).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Latino Players in Major League Assignment

Like the European ethnic ballplayers who preceded them, the Hispanics have been subject to abuse, ridicule, stereotyping, and prejudice. Many of them struggled to learn the English language and encountered racism that was much more virulent than anything they had experienced in their native lands. But also like their predecessors, they became gate attractions in those cities that numbered large Latino populations, especially New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Fernando Valenzuela, a native of Mexico, made a sensational debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the early 1980s. In 1993 Wayne Huizenga of the Florida Marlins launched his expansion team in the National League with a marketing strategy aimed at Miami's sizable Hispanic community (Singer et al. 51).

It has not always been easy for Latino players in the major leagues, but as their numbers grow and their talent for the game shines, they are an ever-increasing presence in America's pastime.


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