Build the Wall: Trump vs. Latinos in the U.S Essay

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The wall serves as the ultimate emblem of the WASP refusal to allow re-conquest by Latinos. The wall is a hand stop that says the Latinos will not be able to take back that which was taken by the U.S. so long ago.

The wall operates under the pretext of safety and security but it plays into the fears of the Latino Threat among many who have embraced WASP culture. When the early Catholic missionaries were operating in the Southwest prior to the takeover of North America by the English, they had no such antagonistic ideas. The missionaries were there to spread the Gospel; they were not there to exercise any sort of Manifest Destiny. The Latinos responded by becoming Catholic in droves. They embraced the culture that was offered them. When the WASPs came to power, they did not offer Latinos an opportunity to assimilate: they were openly antagonistic, which only drove Latinos to be more convicted in their own culture. Today, that culture persists to some degree. It is viewed by WASPs and those who promote WASP culture as a threat because it is separate and distinct.

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The wall highlights illegality, violence and re-conquest inherently in its message. It highlights illegality because at its very core it is a message that it will stop the illegal crossings of the Latinos into America. It represents the nation that the illegality conducted by Latinos in America will be put out to pasture by the wall. The wall is a symbol of the rule of law and it is aimed at the Latino community and the Latino Threat. Thus, the wall highlights the illegality criteria of Chavez’s theory quite well—both visually and symbolically.

Essay on Build the Wall: Trump vs. Latinos in the U.S. Assignment

The wall also highlights violence because it is a symbol of force that cannot be overcome. It indicates that force will be taken against Latinos to keep them out of America and that there will be nothing they can do about it. It also suggests, along with the rhetoric used to justify its construction, that the reason for the war is that the Latino immigrants themselves—the gang members, the drug runners, the rapists and the murderers—are violent thugs. The wall is thus being erected to protect Americans from Latino violence: that is how the symbol of the wall is projected.

The wall also highlights the fear that Latinos want re-conquest of America. It symbolizes the effort of the American government to block this re-conquest so that only Americans and those who are accepted into the country to support the American vision and WASP culture will be accepted in. The wall is thus meant to be a deterrent to Latino re-conquest.

The Latino population is thus put on notice by the wall that illegality, violence and re-conquest will not be tolerated by the American government any longer. The wall is a message that Latino power will now be restricted, controlled and narrowly watched and observed to make sure Latinos play by America’s rules. The slightest infraction and the Latino community is likely to see itself displaced. The wall is thus a giant step towards the criminalization of being Latino in America.


The wall is a spectacle that has become a news event over the past two years as America becomes divided between those who support the idea of the wall and those who reject it. Those who support it buy into the idea of the Latino Threat Narrative and will highlight statistics about Latino crime, murder, poverty, and social welfare exploitation. Those who object to the wall will highlight xenophobia and racism as ugly elements of America’s past and present. The wall is represented differently in the media by news outlets that fall into one of these two camps.

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