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Gangs Military Weapons Tactics


Gangs Deploying Military Hardware, Tactics

Street gangs are increasingly obtaining and deploying military-grade equipment and tactics. Be prepared for increasing levels of force and resistance. Pick your battles: Stay alert to stay alive!

National Gang Intervention Center 2007

National Gang Intervention Center 2007

Street gangs have been acquiring military-grade hardware, as indicated by:

Increasing civilian arrests for illegal purchase/posession of weaponry from private-sector Department of Defense contractors (1)

Congressional testimony and increasing nationwide arrests for stolen military offensive and defensive hardware sold at gun shows and by private individuals going back nearly two decades (2)

LAPD San Bernaardino arrested a parolee in 2006 in posession of a military rocket launcher (3)

Recent and increasing arrests of ex-military for selling assault weapons to gang members (4)

2. Street gangs have increasing access to military combat tactics and training:

Gang affiliation by active personnel "is pervasive throughout" every branch of the U.S. military (5)

Gang deployment of military training against police is increasing (6)

Convictions of active-duty military personnel for gang-attributed crimes including homicide, armed robbery and narcotics posession / sale have increased (7)

Tactics and equipment can be deployed for assault, defense or support (first aid; escape, etc.) (8)

3. How can I predict if gang members will deploy combat tactics or equipment?


4. How should I respond to increasing possibility of military-level combat with gangs on the streets?

Stay alert, stay alive: PREVENT and AVOID engaging superior hostile force by gang members

Assume all situations carry the potential to deteriorate into combat-level hostilities

Predict potential assault, defense and escape opportunities AT ALL TIMES in the field, especially in areas where gang activity is intense or very intense

PREVENT military-level conflict with superior force and tactics: recognize and AVOID situations as if military assault and defense by gang members is always possible and likely

Document all gang-related evidence wherever possible, to increase prosecutors' ability to reduce crime before gangs take the opportunity to deploy combat tactics and illegal hardware. File appropriate STEP Act reports outlined in Manual of Policy and Procedures to alert CLEAR/HEAT/SAGE teams (9)

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