Law Enforcement Khalid ) Essay

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Stress is a natural part of the law enforcement profession, which is dangerous to physical and mental health. Having outlets for stress is important. Law enforcement managers need to observe signs of stress in their force.

Recommended solutions therefore include the following. First, female officers should be recruited earnestly, and with the ultimate vision of transforming law enforcement leadership. More female supervisors can result in the phasing out of the old boys' club and the phasing in of a fresher, more modern and relevant organizational culture. Second, minority officers should become project managers in charge of consulting with law enforcement agencies about addressing the root causes of lawlessness, mistrust of police, crime, and other issues in minority communities. Endemic issues like poverty and access to resources must be discussed openly, as these are the core political issues that impact how crime patterns emerge. Law enforcement must ultimately become more intelligent if it is to effectively face the stressors of the modern world.


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TOPIC: Essay on Law Enforcement Khalid (2012) Describes Assignment

Taubman, B. (1987). Lady Cop: True Stories of Policewomen in America's Toughest City. St. Cloud: Warner.
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