Law or Policy Term Paper

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Law or Policy

The CEDAW has been granting women equal status, as well as empowering them in several areas, such as in politics, in legislature, in society, and also in their own private lives. CEDAW has been having a positive impact on women's rights, and today, women are more powerful and accomplished than ever before.

The issue of Women's Rights has, today, become extremely important and relevant, and everywhere, all over the world, women are demanding for their rights, and everywhere, women are indeed getting empowered by the laws that grant them these rights and make it possible for women to have a certain degree of power and independence and human rights. As far as International Law is concerned, the issue of women's rights has become an extremely interesting as well as an exciting and fast developing field of activity that deals with international human rights and their protection through laws. Treatise can be defined as the international equivalent explanation for 'legislation', and all major multinational treaties generally occupy a high place in the hierarchy of all legal authorities, depending on that particular domestic law of the state that it belongs to.

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A treaty can also be at par with the domestic constitutional law of the state, and at times, it is necessary that jurisdiction be passed stating the validity of that treaty in the domestic scene. The 'CEDAW', or the 'United Nation's Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Cruelty against Women', 1249, U.N.T.S 13, was signed in December 1979, and entered into force in the year 1989, was drafted and ratified by the United Nations, and it was indeed a major step onward the CEDAW has about 97 signatories, and about 165 member parties, according to the list of 'Multilateral Treaties' that are generally deposited with the Secretary-General. (International Women's Human Rights and Humanitarian Law)


TOPIC: Term Paper on Law or Policy Assignment

The CEDAW is often described as the International Bill of Rights for Women, and it describes accurately and simply, the events that constitute for 'discrimination' against women in general, and advocates the setting up of a sort of national agenda to enforce national action that would put an end to such discriminations. The CEDAW consists of a Preamble, and also 30 Articles, and states that any type of discrimination that is based on sex, and which has the effect of either negating or nullifying the "recognition, enjoyment, or exercise by women," whether they are married or single, on the basis of the basic equality between men and women, and the human rights and also the "fundamental freedoms" that are afforded to women as a part of their basic rights, in the fields of economics or commerce or politics, as well as in normal society, and in a cultural or in a civil filed, or in any other manner. (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women)

All the States are expected to adhere to the conditions stated within the CEDAW, and also undertake, by themselves, a series of measures that would tackle the issue of awarding equal opportunities for women without discrimination, and these are the following important considerations that they must keep in mind: they must be ready to inculcate the principle of equality between men and women, in their legal system, they must also be ready to abolish and get rid of all the existing discriminatory laws within their country, and enforce all the appropriate and relevant laws that deal with the equality of women and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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