Law School? I Was Born in India Research Proposal

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¶ … law school?

I was born in India although I moved to New York with my step-mother when I was twelve. My father is a high ranking police officer in India. He is an honest and hardworking law enforcer in a country which, like most developing countries, is known for poverty and corrupt government officials. It was through him that I developed a respect for the law and realized its importance for progress in society. Since I had moved to the U.S., it was only a few years back that I was able to return to India for a visit. It was with new awareness and level of maturity that I viewed the everyday scenes on the streets of my country that I used to simply take for granted.

During my visit to India, I saw the rich people with their large cars and fancy houses and the poor in their small huts by the side of the roads. I saw the restaurant chains throwing away their extra food while many people were literally starving on the streets. It was as if I was seeing the poverty for the first time and realizing the gaping difference between the rich elite and the poor masses. I saw the lack of obedience to authority, the lack of discipline. I noticed many people littering the streets and refusing to follow road rules. I saw bribes exchanged as a matter of course. I saw how authority took advantage of the innocent and the poor and ignorant.

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I saw how laws that were made to improve the lives of people were constantly disregarded. I saw how those who were tasked to enforce the law abused the power it granted them and preyed on those who the law should most have protected. It was the many things that I saw on my last trip to India which made me realize the urgent need for change in my country and have made me decide to finally take up law.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Law School? I Was Born in India Assignment

I believe that knowledge of the law is empowering. During my trip to India I realized that before I can affect any concrete and long-term changes, I must be in a position of some control over the matters and situations I want to change. I also realized that it is through the power brought by the knowledge of the law and the authority brought about by knowing how to protect people's rights and the pursuing justice that I wish to make the changes that urgently need to be made in my home country. This is why I want to go to law school.

It is in law school where I believe that I will learn how government and legal systems enforce justice and bring about social reforms through law enforcement and the courts. I believe that the practice of law is the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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