Laws for Mortgages Chapter

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Litigation and Buying Houses

The Caplans' claim is both logical and legal. They are correct for refusing to accept the house that Faithful Construction, Inc. created, for the simple fact that the latter did not honor the contract into which the pair entered. Moreover, their point of contention with Faithful Construction is far from a minor one. Prior to denoting the magnitude of the error that Faithful Construction made, it is first prudent to understand the contractual obligation which it failed to fulfill. Quite simply, Faithful Construction was responsible for erecting a domicile in which Crane brand products were utilized for all of the plumbing bowls and fixtures. Instead of adhering to these contractual obligations, Faithful Construction instead utilized Kohler brand fixtures -- which was not specified in the contract and effectively breaks the contract. Because the contract was broken on behalf of the construction company, there is no need -- or legal basis -- for the Caplans to fulfill the contract by paying the construction company money for a contract that they did not successfully satisfy.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Chapter on The Laws for Mortgages Assignment

Moreover, it is worth noting that this particular point of contention, which pertains to the plumbing in the aforementioned domicile, is far from minor. Plumbing and its infrastructure runs all throughout a house. Furthermore, there are a number of expensive costs and points of damage associated with a houses plumbing. As such, it is critical to utilize renowned parts and to certainly utilize those which the builder designates for the house. Although it may appear that Faithful Construction did not significantly vary from the terms of the contract by utilizing a different manufacturer for the plumbing parts, in fact it did. Just because Kohler parts are allegedly equivalent to those made by Crane does not mean that they will function as well, or even properly Therefore,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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