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Of the homes that Le Corbusier did complete, two of the most noted were the Ozenfant (1922), and the Roche home (1923). Both followed the characteristics devised by Le Corbusier, and were striking in their austerity and geometric lines. In short, both homes, as well as his later projects would become the benchmark of modernity.

Finally, the work of Louis Isadore Khan is perhaps the most revolutionary of the three (perhaps indicated by the fact that most of what he designed during his lifetime was never built). Although his design style is characterized as "classically romantic," featuring sometimes towering stairwells and air ducts planted in the midst of main areas, many consider his designs and buildings to be "impractical," and "unorthodox."

To be sure, Wright's "organic style," and Le Corbusier "modernism" were revolutionary as well -- however, buildings such as the Yale Art Gallery (1953), as well as the National Assembly Buildings in Dhaka, Pakistan, are particularly striking in their unusual use of concrete and brick -- especially in their ability to answer Khan's belief that "structure is the giver of light." Indeed, one can see that in both buildings, the geometric, almost chunky style seems to give way to showers of soft light transmitted through precise positioning of windows, openings, and special partitions.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Assignment

In closing, all three architects revolutionized aspects of the concept of design -- developing the organic, modern, as well as, well, unorthodox, in heretofore, rigid design environments. Indeed, it could even be said that each architect not only paved the way for the possibility of the creation of new design innovations, but also opened the door for further design exploration today. In this way, the three are inexorably linked -- with each other, and with the modern architecture… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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