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It is true that the ideas expressed in this book appear cold to a reader today, yet they do have great practical value. For one, Le Corbusier did architecture a great favor by freeing it of the chains of the past. On page 103, he argues that architects were mostly "enslaved to the past" and attacked "the narrowness of commonplace conceptions" in the field of architecture.

Such arguments against old design also gave way to concepts that separated beauty from new design and replaced it with function. On page 142, for example, he argues that,.".. A chair is in no way a work of art; a chair has no soul; it is a machine for sitting in." Le Corbusier's house designs are thus devoid of a real soul. His machines houses served cold practical purposes as they focused on his oft-repeated beliefs that: "We must create the mass production spirit." This concept was also highlighted again on page 274-275 when Le Corbusier highlighted it by citing the example of factory workers who worked according to the principles of mass production:

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Industry has brought us to the mass-produced article; machinery is at work in close collaboration with man; the right man for the right job is coldly selected; laborers, workmen, foremen, engineers, managers, administrator -- each in his proper place.... Specialization ties man to his machine, an absolute precision is demanded of every worker, for the article passed on to the next man cannot be snatched back in order to be corrected and fitted; it must be exact in order... To fit automatically into the assembling of the whole;... A strange foreman directs severely and precisely the restrained and circumscribed tasks."

Term Paper on Le Corbusier Towards a New Assignment

Le Corbusier maintained that the same precision of task could be achieved in the field of architecture and in fact was what architects needed to solve the problems of space etc. "All houses are constructed of standardized elements, forming a 'cell' type. The plots are equal, the arrangement regular. Architecture is very well able to express in a precise fashion." For some odd reason, Le Corbusier thought such houses could be beautiful too. We all know today that mass production is a dated concept, which led to the production of goods that no one appreciates anymore.

All of us are looking for something new and unique, something that only we possess. This desire to have something original in form and design appeared irrational to Le Corbusier and his book repeatedly highlights the so-called beauty of mass production. "The mass production house, healthy and beautiful in the same way that the working tools and instruments which accompany our existence are beautiful." He believed that "the Engineer's Aesthetic, and Architecture, are two things that march together and follow one from the other: the one being now at its full height, the other in an unhappy state of retrogression."

Thus the main argument of the book revolves around the modernist belief that "A house is a machine for living in.... An armchair is a machine for sitting in, and so on." Le Corbusier's Towards the New Architecture is still worth reading more than once because of the revolutionary ideas it contains. Despite the cold rationality that dictated his view, Towards the New Architecture, profoundly influenced architectural design in modernist and post-modernist… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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