Immigration Leader in the Non-Profit Sector Term Paper

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Similar to other undocumented immigrants, she has experienced the challenges and difficulties of living as an immigrant in the United States. Her personal experiences motivated her to adopt a suitable leadership style and approach that would help promote humanization and fair treatment of undocumented immigrants. Therefore, Moreta’s personal experiences as an undocumented immigrant have played a major role in shaping her leadership style and approach as a social justice organizer in the United States.

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The second major influence on Moreta’s leadership style is the injustices faced by many immigrants throughout the United States. As previously indicated, the view of documented and undocumented immigrants as illegal residents has contributed to their inhumane treatment and injustices from the society and the government. The conception of illegality in immigration has provided a framework through which the American government adopts illegal actions against undocumented immigrants. For example, President Obama’s deportation of undocumented immigrants was characterized by family separation and kidnapping of children by immigration officers. During this process, immigration and law enforcement officers ignored the impact of their actions on family members and perpetuated injustice. These injustices were seemingly founded on the concept of illegality in immigration, which has, in turn, provided a premise for exclusion and discrimination of immigrants. These factors played a key role in shaping Moreta’s transformational leadership style and approach.

Term Paper on Immigration Leader in the Non-Profit Sector Assignment

The other factor that influenced Moreta’s leadership style and approach is the desire to make a lasting impact on society. Moreta believes that society needs more leaders who make meaningful contributions toward community development and wellbeing of its people. This desire not only played a key role in her efforts to establish United We Dream, but also influenced her approach to leadership. Through this desire, Moreta adopted a transformational leadership approach and responsibility to empower young people in the community to not only find their voices but be their own advocates (Lee, 2017). Moreta’s desire to make meaningful contributions to society influenced her career as a social justice organizer. She believes that the realization of social justice requires changing and transforming the lives of people in light of the challenges or issues they encounter on a daily basis. Consequently, she adopted a transformational leadership approach to help transform people’s lives as a means of achieving her desire to make meaningful contributions to society.

Immigration Leadership Challenges

Even though Moreta has successfully launched United We Dream and played a key role in immigration policies and public conversations, she has experienced tremendous leadership challenges. One of the major leadership challenges she has experienced is resistance from the public. The process of shaping public perceptions and conversations on immigration in the United States was a relatively complex process for Moreta and United We Dream. Since these perceptions were largely influenced by existing immigration policies, Moreta experienced difficulties in influencing policy changes and public attitudes on immigration. At first, Moreta experienced resistance from the public and key policymakers in the immigration sector. Her desire and push for changes were characterized by difficulties in navigating competing interests, which was the premise for resistance (MacArthur Foundation, 2017).

Secondly, Moreta experienced challenges of creating buy-ins among her followers regarding her vision and dream on immigration and treatment of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Since Moreta’s dream and vision entailed generating changes in the society, being a source of inspiration to many undocumented immigrants and gaining followership was a major issue. According to Arcement (2019), one of the major challenges leaders face is being a source of inspiration and gaining followership. This process is usually a daunting challenge because of the difficulties in convincing someone to follow and believe in the leader. In addition to following, leaders must inspire their followers to be willing to help in achievement of the desired goals and objectives. While many undocumented immigrants have experienced injustices and inhumane treatment in the United States, believing in Moreta and demonstrating willingness to help change their plight was not an easy task. Moreta had to navigate these competing interests to inspire undocumented immigrants and gain followership.

Third, Moreta experienced challenges in mobilizing followers across the country to put pressure on President Obama and the U.S. Congress to act by changing immigration policies. The success of her national campaign and eventual changes in immigration policies was tied to her ability to mobilize a group of people throughout the country. For Moreta, this was a major challenge that required developing mobilization and people management skills. She utilized her experience as the co-founder of New York State Youth Leadership Council to mobilize different people from different states across the country. However, maintaining connections with this people and motivating to work toward achieving the desired goal was relatively complex. For undocumented immigrants, joining the organization or movement was relatively difficult because of their plight and increased deportation. Therefore, Moreta faced challenges in mobilizing these people to rise above their predicament and work toward changing immigration policies in the country.

The other challenge Moreta faced entailed using appropriate tactics that would help United We Dream to accomplish its goals. Immigration has remained a complex and divisive issue in the United States. Efforts to address this complex issue have experienced tremendous challenges including difficulties in creating consensus among policymakers. Since United We Dream focused on addressing the complex issue of immigration with respect to the plight of undocumented immigrants, finding the right organizational approach and tactic was a complex process. At first, the organization focused on providing an alternative vision and policy framework for comprehensive immigration reform. However, this approach could have contributed to stalled efforts in the legislature and hindered the ability of United We Dream to accomplish its goals (MacArthur Foundation, 2017). This in turn generated demands and burdens on Cristina Jiménez Moreta to identify another organizational approach to address the issue.

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