Leadership According to the Book Term Paper

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According to the book the Leaders Companion: Insights on Leadership throughout the Ages by J. Thomas Wren, a successful business leader will utilize several different strategies in order to ensure their business' success. According to Wren, research has shown that using at least one of the six management strategies that Wren identifies has a strong correlation with effective leadership. These six strategies include such characteristics as drive, leadership motivation, honesty, integrity, self-confidence, cognitive ability and having significant business, industrial or organizational knowledge. (Wren: p. 135-141)

When looking at a business leader through one of the aforementioned leadership strategies, it can be concluded that any business leader who exhibits a combination of these strategies can be regarded as a successful business leader. For example, if a business leader is clearly driven and has leadership motivation in that he or she is often seen leading by example, one is exhibiting the characteristics of a business… [END OF PREVIEW]

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