Leadership Analysis Imagine Studying Your Strengths Essay

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Leadership Analysis

Imagine studying your strengths. What will you discover? How will this influence the way you treat others in the workplace? Will you become a better leader because of it? I will describe to you my strengths, and how I will manage them in a medical setting in order to help others become the best employees possible.

After completing the StrengthsFinder 2.0, this is what I discovered about myself. I learned that I deal with issues as they arise, which is one of my strengths; however, a goal that I need to work on is that of making sure that I need to have defined plan and goals that occur for each day. These will each keep me on task on what is expected of me from my peers as well as for myself, such as what work has in store for me each day. Furthermore, I will need to enjoy each day that is set forth by letting it take care of itself. This is something I will have to continuously work on because of how much I love to do something with my time, and to remain a good steward of whatever is set before me regularly. Through this assessment, I deal with situations as they come, which indicates to me that I am living in the moment and enjoying life to the fullest. I may do this daily; however, I think I need to make that time to spend more so with family and friends in order to take better care of myself and to relieve stress through this entire process.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Leadership Analysis Imagine Studying Your Strengths. What Assignment

The next area that is strength of mine is that of maximizing. I focus much of my energy on what it is I do well; however, I need to strive to work on my weaknesses as well in order to become better in those areas in my life. However, since I maximize every opportunity set forth before me, I would need to consider ways in which to help others to do the same through my servant-leadership that Bass coined many years ago (Rath & Conchie, 2009). Because of my happiness, I am usually the first to greet others; however, I will need to work on giving other individuals the opportunity to have their turn. This will allow me to remain as humble as possible when reaching out to others because sometimes I may need to sit back and watch, rather than act and react with little or no thought (Collins, 2001, 2005). Through taking initiative as needed, I am able to remain humble and to set aside pride in order to meet the needs of others effectively. Collins (2001) said that humility and will are important when it comes to my leadership. In essence, I have to make the right choices in order to decide when to speak up and to remain quiet depending on the circumstances.

When it comes to context, this clearly is a strength of mine. I am in love with what goes on in history; however, I need to enjoy what is going on currently, which is something I will have to work on regularly. Since I am good at this particular area, I go to those who are similar to my interests and choose to hang out with them. I will need to include others, rather than focusing in on others who are within my clique. In fact, I make the necessary choices to discuss history with those who have the same interests as me. However, I will need to avoid analyzing every problem from the past to the present in order to make sure that I can enjoy life to the full.

I noticed that I rely on common sense regularly. This is good in many ways, but I need to work on using logic and self-awareness in order to make excellent choices. Through this, I become a transformational leader by inspiring others to become aware of themselves while modeling my behavior and actions on a regular basis. Additionally, I utilize people by delegating their skills and talents in order to help them achieve their goals to become a better person for society. At times, thought, I can end up performing on my own, which means that I will need to put myself aside and allow others to come first by striving to become a better servant-leader (Kouzes & Posner, 1997). People will notice that I deeply care about others, which means that they are likely to want to become a leader or want to follow me in my medical endeavors.

Many will notice that I am quite caring and optimistic about life. I am quick to respond to anyone that is kind and good to me; however, I need to strive to let others to do so, rather than me praising those who are this way first. People do energize me every time I around them. This means that I will need to learn to have the needed downtime for myself, rather than relying on others to provide me the energy I need. Since I am around individuals a lot, I will need to strive to behave as professional as possible. I will need to avoid using gossip and to avoid hurting others through this entire process. As a result, I am able to keep friends without harming our friendship, while doing my job in a manner that pleases the patients and the doctors alike (Loehr, & Schwartz, 2003).

This is my plan of action for leveraging my strengths for building up others on my team and the people around me on a regular basis. Since I am people-oriented and each person energizes me, I will have to delegate the tasks needed in order to get the tasks done as a Hospice Nurse Practitioner. For example, I can have my Certified Nurse's Aide (CNA) assist me when it comes to giving medication to the patient that is dying by holding on to him or her in the midst of the person's physical weakness.

I can have the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) report to me on what was done to take care of the sick patient and encourage him or her to make suggestions to make it better. This will keep the family at ease as well as prevent any law suit arising due to taking every precaution available through extensive documentation from all of the medical staff. Not only that, but also each person on my team can speak up if there is something going on unethically, such as a co-worker exploiting another, and I would hear each side of the story and render a decision from there.

I will have to use much objectivity through this entire process, so that people are pleased and empowered by the outcome. All of these are ways in which I will begin my work within my chosen field. None of this is going to appear easy, and I will have to strive for humility and patience from all of those who are on my team. As I strive to become a better person, I will utilize emotional intelligence in order to see how well or poor I get along with others on my staff. All of those individuals on my team will need some level of emotional stability because they will have to deal with those who are dying regularly, and sometimes this can become difficult to handle. I want my employees to feel as comfortable as possible by coming to me if they need someone to talk to about the grief they are experiencing, but if it is beyond my control I will have to send them a licensed counselor.

Through this effort, I can make every effort to use quantum leadership, so that I can strive to lead as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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