Term Paper: Leadership Analysis on Lord Charles Cornwallis as Portrayed in the Road to Guilford Courthouse

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Leadership as Seen through Cornwallis

Organizational leadership requires a sensible balance between

commitment to the strategic interests of a business and to the human

interests of the business. Indeed, research and experiential evidence will

tend to demonstrate that there is a symbiotic relationship between these

aspects of organizational orientation which suggests that effective

strategy must inherently consider the implications of the experience of the

personnel who will implement said strategy. Using the lessons denoted by

James Buchanan's unique historical narrative on the subject of the American

War for Independence and underscoring these with expected core competencies

associated with leadership in the perspective of the United States, we will

draw conclusions regarding the quality of leadership as derived from

vision, culture, communication and team orientation. Ultimately, this will

contribute to a discussion on the recommended needs for leadership to

remain abreast of a fast changing and unendingly rigorous challenges of

military service. A focus on the life and service of British counter-

independence General, Lord Charles of Cornwallis as discussed by Buchanan

will show that the core competencies offered by Army Field Manual 6-22 (FM6-

22), entitled Army Leadership are somewhat timeless and universal in

nature. The cross-section found in these two sources will help to fulfill

a need for recommendations for the military leadership scenario.

Buchanan's text is a remarkable take on a story often told, honing a

sharp focus on a significant campaign waged by the British during the

American War for Independence. With a specific attention paid to the

leaders who alternatively served to benefit or obstruct the British efforts

at preventing American independence, Buchanan relays the events transpiring

by sea and land in the Carolinas. Here, under the mutual but ultimately

deeply conflictive relationship between Generals Cornwallis and his

immediate superior officer in Commander in Chief, Sir Henry Clinton, the

British army would engage one of its most tenacious and decisive attempts

at swaying American fortunes. As the Buchanan text articulately details

the characters and conflicts which consumed the faltering British army, it

also succeeds in relaying concepts of leadership that resonate in the

discourse on army leadership today.

As Buchanan expresses of Cornwallis and his ilk, "there is an inborn

subtlety to leadership that those who do not possess it never understand."

(Buchanan, 79) Perhaps it is in this unique distinction that we may find

the definitive interest of military personnel determination. In those whom

leadership is naturally occurring such as our discussion subject, there is

a drive and an instinct which together vibrate in unison with military

tactical and philosophical aims.

The unique orientation of the military allows for the evaluation of

leadership according to the balance which one is able to achieve in

"balancing the care of followers against mission requirements so they are a

productive resource." (DoA,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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