Leadership in Apollo 13 at the Center Thesis

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TOPIC: Thesis on Leadership in Apollo 13 at the Center Assignment

At the center of this films' relevance in the context of leadership is the confidence leaders bring out of their teams to rise above a challenge no one had anticipated or planned for. Instead of allowing self-doubt and alarmist data to completely derail the efforts of their teams (Buchanan, Hofman, 2000) both leaders, one on the ground and one in the spacecraft, keep their teams focused on accomplishing the goal rather than the many reasons why it cannot be accomplished. Apart from maintaining communication, both leaders in the film set up the daunting problem as a challenge, not as a reason for refusing to try (Bolman, Deal, 2006). In showing confidence in their teams and themselves, they in fact take a square peg and put it into a round hole, an allegorical reference the flight operations chief Gene Kranz uses to explain just how challenging the task is. In addition, the quiet confidence of Jim Lovell as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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