Leadership Application Case Study

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at the same time George would make independent decisions and sets policies or procedures without making any consultations with Shelly. At the same time George did not give room for listening to Shelly or give her a chance to give any suggestions or make any contribution.it is a bad leadership style since George was attempting to control Shelly through the policies, orders to an extent of almost forcing her to work and deliver what the organization considers to be satisfactory. He failed to listen or perfunctorily listened to any suggestion that Shelly brought forth. With this leadership style George did not provide any support for Shelly towards carrying out her duties in the new work environment (Simonton, 2010). Her role requires a lot of support and working together with George in order to achieve some of the goals that have been set for her by the organization. However she could not be able to work efficiently since she lacked support from George her leader.as an employee Shelly requires that her views and suggestions are factored into the decisions that are made within the organization but this was not the case with George as the leader.in fact George had established a do as I say, not as I do policy which he wanted Shelly to embrace. This leadership style by George was demoralizing to Shelly and within the short period of time she was working in the organization she was so dissatisfied and was even regretting getting employed there in the first place. Shelly is quite professional and therefore needed a competitive environment where she could fully exercise her duties and be useful to the organization. With this kind of leadership it was quite difficult for her to effectively carry out her duties and hence the reason why we can term George's leadership style as not being appropriate (Simonton, 2010).

Managing an autocratic leader

TOPIC: Case Study on Leadership Application Assignment

In order for Shelly to be comfortable in the organization and hence work effectively she has to be able to manage George her boss. There are several ways through which Shelly can use to manage George her boss including standing her ground. Even after trying to make it work at the end of the day George still remains an autocratic leader. Therefore Shelly should make sure that she remains focused with her tasks and not forget the reason why she is in that organization. With this in mind it will be very easy to deal with George since she will not concentrate too much on him but her work. The other thing is trying a much as possible to build a relationship with George this is because everyone values building relationships and this will not change the professional environment between them .when one build relationships with their leaders they tend to warm up to them and it becomes easy to work together as a team towards achieving the organization's goals. The other thing is adapting to the bosses' style of leadership. Even if the leadership style George is exhibiting is not appropriate Shelly can try as much as possible to make sure that she adapts to the leadership style.at the end of the day she will find that they are getting along well better than they used to before.


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