Leadership Applications and Theories Case Study

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[. . .] The messages Tim posted appear to be tailored to pass a clear overall message -- that of moving forward regardless of the prevailing circumstances. Those who may find it difficult to successfully make sales dues to the stiff competition from other vendors are encouraged to keep going with messages such as "welcome every rejection. It means you are one step closer to a Yes," and "the harder you try, the luckier you get." Those who find the going tough out there in the market will surely be inspired to push harder by such messages. Studies conducted in the past have clearly indicated that "in general, the followers of charismatic leaders are more committed and satisfied, are better performers….and simply work harder" (Williams, 2011, p. 423).

What else do you recommend that Tim do to express his charisma via social networking websites?

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To further express his charisma, Tim could amongst other things encourage employees to follow him and/or each other on the various social media platforms like Twitter -- an undertaking that could have the effect of promoting a deep sense of family within the organization. Charisma could, after all, be viewed as that special bond existing between followers and their leaders (Williams, 2011). Tim could also develop a habit of congratulating his team for a job well done via social networking websites like Facebook. This way, it would be easy (and exciting) for the sales representatives to share accomplishments with friends, family, and other audiences on the social networking platform. Indeed, as Williams (2011) notes, charismatic leaders like to display their confidence in the abilities of their followers. Essentially, this is what Tim would be doing -- only that this time, he would be making use of the social media.


Lussier, R. & Achua, C. (2012). Leadership: Theory, Application, and Skill Development (5th). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Case Study on Leadership Applications and Theories Assignment

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