Leadership Applied There Are Various Application Essay

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The new employee decides to go to her immediate manager to have the issue heard and dealt with once and for all. However, in this case, the manager still pushes her to ensure she sorts out the issue with Cindy and hand in the reports in time henceforth, despite the fact that the manager is aware that Cindy is much senior to the new employee and the new employee having demonstrated her several attempts to have the data in time through mails, calls, personal follow-ups and such like.


There are various challenges that the new employee faced in this situation. First, it is important to know that the new employee and Cindy were at different levels of their careers. The manager should have recognized the different levels at which these two employees are at before pushing the new employee to get the data from Cindy despite her extended effort, he did not consider the type of task the employee is being asked to undertake and the skills or capability she had as well.

The second aspect that situational leadership style would have helped in is the lack of flexibility in the manager who instead of training the new employee on assertiveness and how to get the data in good time in a different way from the conventional blanket approaches she has been using, he insisted on getting the work done in time without peculiar and individual guidance to the new employee.

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It is also apparent that in the situation, the manager did not look at the situation in totality but just concentrated ion the errors that the new employee made and not offering a way out, there was more focus on what needs to be done as opposed to how it needs to be done. He totally turned a blind eye to the possibility that Cindy could be contributing to the stalemate in the report compilation and in effect the entire burden crushing on the new employee, a situation that can demoralize the employee totally. The manger lacked the prescriptive value or approach that is advocated for by the situational leadership style rather than the descriptive approach that is often employed by other leadership styles including this manager in the case scenario.

Application Essay on Leadership Applied There Are Various Assignment

Lastly, the manager failed to treat each employee differently and in an individualized manner depending on the task at hand, but assumed that one method fits all. He pressed the new employee to get the report done no matter what, possibly with hindsight that the previous employees have had the same job executed successfully, and so should the new employee. This disregards any personal challenges or even relationships that exist between Cindy and the new employee which could be different.

Recommendations and conclusions

The situation in the above described scenario should not have happened if the manager actually realized the value of situational leadership. The ideal situation could have been the manager should have taken the new employee through a comprehensive coaching on how she can collect data from the other employees from higher levels. There was apparent lack of assertiveness on the younger employee, taking into consideration that she was young and new in the organization as compared to the people like Cindy from whom she was to obtain the data. The manager should have taken him through a process that would build his assertiveness and confidence in pushing for the collection of the data. The mamager should have gone further and encouraged cooperation from Cindy on a different platform in order to make work move on faster, taking into account the peculiar relationship that may exists between Cindy and the younger employee. This, if well applied would encapsulate the tenets of situational leadership in managing projects and solving situations within the organization.


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