Leadership Approaches and Theories Essay

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" (2010)

II. Leader's Goals

The leader's goal should be closing gaps "in a systematic way so that ultimately there is a positive impact on all stakeholders. Every manager/leader can zap the gaps and turn in a winning performance -- provided the company has a sound business model and meets a real customer demand." (Blanchard, 2010) The strategy for "zapping the performance GAPS includes the following stated steps:

(1) Analyze the "is."

(2) Pin down the causes.

(3) Select the right solutions. (Blanchard, 2010)

Blanchard additionally relates the need to:

(1) Hire people whose skill sets match the needs of the company.

(2) Ensure that the roles and performance expectations are clearly understood, that team members are coached and reinforced, and that the incentives are truly motivating. (Blanchard, 2010)

The gap analysis is examined as well in the work of the Oregon Small Schools Initiative and is stated to include the steps set out in the following illustration.


This section contains a detailed description of the intended benchmark, result, or outcome.

The development of the descriptors for this section provides an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to work together to set a vision for the organization.



High School

is a place where 9

th grade students are well supported in their transition to high school.


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This section contains the specific strategies that are designed to close the gap between the actual and the ideal.


This section contains a detailed description of the situation as it presently stands.

The development of the descriptors for this section provides an opportunity for stakeholders to collectively analyze data relating to the current situation.


A data analysis reveals that:

Central's 9

TOPIC: Essay on Leadership Approaches and Theories the Assignment

th graders have the lowest GPA and highest dropout rate at the school.

Transition and support programs are nonexistent.Figure 1 -- GAP Analysis

Source: Oregon Small Schools Initiative (nd)

Summary and Conclusion

It is important that leaders learn from past mistakes and that they focus on the future ideal situation in which they intend to lead their organization. The GAP analysis is useful in determining the organization's present situation, what stands in the way of achieving the ideal situation and what can be done to overcome those challenges and finally making the necessary changes to lead the organization to the ideal future situation and objectives. Blanchard's ideas on closing the service-performing gap have been examined in this work in writing and recommendations of how to strategically employ the required solutions.


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South West Regional Skills Enterprise and Employment Analysis 2007/2008. Retrieved… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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