Leadership Case Study

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Third, Todman has revolutionized operations in a way that suited current Whirlpool goals. He integrated Maytag into the product line fully, cut costs by closing inept plants, and managing brands. Todman's brand management strategy is international in scope, requiring a deft understanding for language and cultural communications. He also has the foresight and awareness to understand logistical issues including time zone constraints in communications that may impact the global operations management at the Whirlpool Company.

3. Todman shows a good balance between strategic thinking and focusing on people. Strategic thinking was required to fully integrate the Maytag product line, reducing redundancy and cutting costs associated with defunct plants. Likewise, Todman addressed problems associated with introducing the new product lines to staff members around the world, minimizing miscommunications and related conflicts. This required strategic thinking, because each region would have different needs in terms of marketing and communication, and also in terms of operations. Streamlining global operations, and encouraging more efficient communications was another component of Todman's strategic thinking initiatives at Whirlpool. Furthermore, Todman understood the importance of empowering employees in strategic ways.

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Focusing on people remains one of Todman's core strengths. Todman's cultural competence and communications savvy highlight the president's people-oriented approach. His calling extra board meetings shows that he understands that communication is the key to effective company operations and overall success. Finally, Todman balances strategic thinking with focusing on people by running the customer service operations in Europe.


"Leadership Case Problem A: Mike Todman Makes a Splash at Whirlpool."

Case Study on Leadership Case Study Assignment

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