Leadership Is a Complex Process Essay

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Through a leader's actions, others employees get inspiration to achieve the best. A good leader encourages and gives direction to others in order to achieve a common goal.

Role model for integrity and ethics

Leadership requires showing a good example to others in the work environment. A leader who upholds work ethics is an example for the subordinates. A leader with integrity keeps his word and promises to relate to their work. Integrity enables a leader to be trustworthy.

Self-confidence and humility

A self-confident leader is able to listen to employees and accepts correction even from subordinates. Through self-confidence, a leader is able to project the future and make sound decisions. Humility enables a leader to understand his subordinates and interrelate with them. Humility is not oppressive, and it expresses compassion and care for those who are below a leader.

Good intellectual ability and creative

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A good leader is competent in his position. He is knowledgeable of the requirements of his job. A competent leader is able to make tough decisions that can affect the organization. One should have strengths and abilities that fit leadership requirements. In addition, one should have an ability to motivate and influence performance in people. As a leader, I have strengths and abilities that fit leadership requirements. I have an ability to motivate and influence performance in people. On several occasions, I have influenced my colleagues in college to perform in club activities. I am also a Role model in performing my duties as a leader of business club in college.

What a manager must do to become a transformational and charismatic leader

Essay on Leadership Is a Complex Process Assignment

A good manager must be able to combine his intellectual abilities and knowledge with traits and behaviors that are desirable in a managerial position. To become a charismatic leader and manager, an individual must have the ability to influence and motivate people through emotions and inspirations. A manager can be a charismatic leader through improving his relationship with subordinates. A manager should be able to listen to the employee's complaints, suggestions and corrections. A leader is able to provide a vision and motivation to drive a project, but a manager can manage skills and available resources for the success of the project. To be a transformational leader, a manager must be able to combine skills, knowledge and vision. A transformational leader is able to raise consciousness and awareness on the importance of achieving a common goal. Transformation entails persuasion and conviction on the need to achieve personal satisfaction and that of the organization. Charismatic management is energetic and action oriented. A manager must have a desire to attain outstanding performance in their position.


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