Leadership Is a Complex Subject to Study Essay

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Leadership is a complex subject to study, in part because there are so many definitions of leadership. As a result of these multiple competing definitions, studying leadership is itself a complex endeavor, and one that will often be driven by one's views on what leadership is. Some of the approaches to the study of leadership are the trait approach, the behavior approach, the power-influence approach, the situational approach and the integrative approach. I personally feel that the integrative approach is the best one. I feel this because I recognize that the world is inherently complex and with a high degree of uncertainty. Leaders in particular must be able to manage in conditions of uncertainty and high complexity, and therefore should not be limited by the constraints that the other leadership approaches place on our understanding of how leaders achieve success. I feel that the integrative approach is more comprehensive, and allows for the flexibility that leaders need in order to achieve their objectives.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Leadership Is a Complex Subject to Study, Assignment

If there is a downside to the integrative approach, it is that there are times when it may overcomplicate a situation -- leaders cannot afford to be bogged down by detail. However, I feel that a good leader recognizes that complexity and uncertainty can and should be managed, so that even when multiple approaches are being utilized that the leader does not become bogged down or lose focus on the task at hand. It is also possible that the study of leadership is inherently geared towards single-variable theories. This is more a reflection of the nature of academia than of leadership itself. No academic wants to approach a study with an unwieldy number of variables, especially when those variables interact with each other. This might be true, but the issues that have constrained academic study of an integrative approach to leadership are not issues with the integrative approach in the real world. I am more interested in the integrative approach precisely because it reflects real world conditions of complexity and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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