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Leadership Development

Developing The Leader Within You

AAFES: John Maxwell's principles

AAFES: John Maxwell's principles

As a military-led organization, Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) is characterized by a strong sense of integrity and respect for organizational hierarchies. There is also a strong sense of devotion to the individuals the organization serves: the U.S. armed services. The military itself clearly passes 'the mentorship test,' in the words of John C. Maxwell's book Developing your leadership potential when he asks the question "am I true to my leader" (Maxwell 2000, p.46). The military makes a strong commitment to its people, including their development as human beings as well as soldiers. Hence, the need for AAFES, which provides recreational services to soldiers.

Also according to Maxwell, an organization must be true to its followers and vision. AAFES, because it is partially funded by Congress and is not responsible for being 'in the black' like a completely for-profit corporation (although it is expected to be efficient and not waste taxpayer money) must balance a need for profitability with the needs of its servicemen and servicewomen clientele. But applying a for-profit, consumer-based approach of soliciting marketing advice from servicemen could actually improve its ability to be responsive to their demands.

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One of the cornerstones of leadership is setting priorities, and in this instance, the greatest priority is serving the armed forces with recreational and dining facilities. Finding what types of amenities are desired will enable AAFES to better serve the armed forces, realize its mission, and also have more money to invest in its efforts. According to Maxwell, 20% of organizational priorities will garner 80% of production demand (Maxwell 2000, p.20). In other words, setting priorities enables the organization to channel its resources more effectively and garner a superior return upon its investment.

TOPIC: Business Plan on Leadership Development Developing the Leader Within You Assignment

To determine what servicemen require, AAFES can combine traditional consumer, marketing research by polling its users; using small marketing focus groups; and also using the demographic knowledge of the military, such as gender and race, to gain a clearer portrait of users. Are swimming pools or golf courses more popular? What types of crafts and art activities are desired for adults and children?… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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