Leadership Development and Effectiveness Article Review

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Leadership Development and Leadership Effectiveness

Issues dealt With

Leadership development needs to be agile enough to meet the changing needs of an organization, yet stable enough to be consistent with the best practices and proven frameworks. Leadership development also needs to include employees in addition to managers, to ensure that each employee can work to create alignment and enable consensus within work teams of their organizations (Amagoh, 2009). The study also contends that leadership development programs also lead to employees, managers and senior managers have greater emotional intelligence and insight with leads to the creation of transformational leaders. Excellent leaders create trust and commitment to a common vision through by showing they are willing to sacrifice personally for their attainment, all the while being transparent and authentic in leading teams (Amagoh, 2009). Enabling an entire organization to make progress on their journey to leadership creates a culture of trust, shared commitment to goals and higher levels of productivity, and eventually profits. The link of a productive, positive culture and higher profitability is implied throughout much of the research cited in the study (Amagoh, 2009).

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Despite all of these benefits and the value of a positive, productive culture on the growth of a company, the author successfully shows how many organizations don't make ongoing leadership development programs available. He argues there is a mindset of periodically doing leadership development programs and then lapsing back into routines of not paying attention to this area of an organizations' development (Amagoh, 2009).

Literature review / Methodology adopted in Data Collection

Article Review on Leadership Development and Effectiveness Assignment

A comprehensive analysis of leadership development theories and frameworks provides the basis of the literature review of the cited article. The researcher cites each theory and analyzes their key constructs and frameworks from the context of a transformational leadership-based value set. This makes the analysis highly relevant to one of the foundational points of the analysis, which is leadership development programs need to be ongoing and oriented to every member of an organization to be effective. By using the core set of transformational leadership concepts to analyze each leadership development theory, the author successfully argues for why ongoing programs are essential and critical to the long-term growth of any organization. The analysis of institutional leadership and is planned and systematic efforts to first change leadership values and then entire cultures of organizations is a case in point (Amagoh, 2009). With the analysis of the three components which comprise a successful leadership plan, the includes self-efficacy, developing modes of motivating others, and developing specific leadership skills the author successfully transitions the article away from frameworks to the more integrative benefits of an ongoing leadership development plan. In the context of their analysis, this transition is critical because it sets the foundation for one of the most valuable points the analysis makes, which is that over time, organizations… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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