Leadership Development the Famous Peter Essay

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For example, being able to complete the required work assigned that is not reliant on others would be a self-sufficiency thing while a task or project that involves multiple departments would absolutely require both self-sufficiency to do the deliverables that the author is responsible for but interaction and interfacing with others is also important.

Fullan made the point that "capacity" is the expansion and improvement of what a management or leadership team is able to absorb and deal with. The unwillingness or inability to deal with daily challenges would represent a lack of capacity while a gung ho and aggressive (yet polite) addressing of daily tasks and challenges would show high capacity. It is all about being prepared, being proactive and showing good leadership skills (Fullan, 2005).


Many people crave leadership and managerial power with an avarice that is unseemly and improper. Other leaders fly by the seat of their pants just a little too much and are caught off guard (or give the appearance that they are) when things come up that must be addressed. Both school and work can manifest this in many ways and the key is to know as much about what is coming before it happens and this allows any good leader, manager or person in general to be well-prepared for what is to come and perform in a sterling and exemplary manner. Setting the example will draw others to you much like moths to the flame and that is almost always a good thing for a firm or organization.


Fullan, M. (2005). Eight Forces for Leaders of Change. Journal of Staff Development, 26(4), 54.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Leadership Development the Famous Peter Assignment

Weinschenk, S. (2013, September 20). Leadership | Psychology Today. Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist.…
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