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[. . .] Exposure to the experiences one would face in the workforce while still receiving formal education is imperative in today's world in order to meet the demands of the economic requirements society has deemed important. This holistic view of education corresponds with a strong leadership and management background by identifying holistic events in synthesized training to produce an efficient and productive workforce for continual growth and reaching ultimate potential.

In conclusion, I believe my management and leadership skills are enhanced to the point where success is imminent in this position. Understanding how a management skills and leadership skills work together well help me package my total contribution towards this company in a streamlined and efficient manner in itself. Knowing where my strengths and weaknesses are located within my management tool bag are useful in understanding the entire environment by giving me areas to focus work on and places to build upon success.

IV. Plan of Action

Knowing where I stand in terms of what I need to improve upon is useful in developing a plan of action towards reaching my ultimate potential within my chosen field. Improving leadership can be accomplished by focusing on some of the aspects that define good leaders. These traits include intelligence, good decision-making skills, empowering those around you, and communicating that message towards all. I will tailor my plan of action around improving these four distinct leadership traits in order to achieve a high level of management skills through the use of excellent leadership techniques and tactics.

Improving my intelligence is the first aspect of leadership I would like to focus on in my plan of action. Reading trade journals, joining certain civic organizations and groups, staying abreast of technology and news items that may be related towards my profession are all useful ways of acquiring new bits of intelligence. Knowledge is very important in a leaders decision-making process as it presents new opportunities and uncovers different limitations that may or may not have been present before this investigation. Mumford et al. (2000) reinforces this need to seek out new inspirational knowledge when he stated that need for intelligence diminishes throughout a leaders time spent in a position (p.88). Maintaining a disciplined outlook is extremely important in continuing my quest for intelligence, and staying determined and acquiring this information requires a disciplined approach and a strong will to continue the mission where others may not be so willing to venture.

Decision-making skills allows the leader to perform multiple tasks at once and act with a sense of efficiency and urgency while radiating a confident and positive outlook towards the organizations objectives while sticking to certain principles of strong leadership. Improving decision-making skills requires the individual to continually question its present state of mind and asks certain questions towards what is the right thing to do. Becoming involved in all aspects of the organization's workplace environment helps with this decision-making process. Having a holistic understanding of one's complete environment provides an aspect of looking at the company's success as a whole instead of by groups and their own individual missions.

Empowering myself and my subordinates is also important in achieving a high level of success within the field of management. Leadership traits include inspiring others to follow your lead and empowering those who wish to follow. Empowerment is the gift that keeps on giving as understanding the collective strength of any unit is much greater than the individual strengths added individually. This participative approach was lauded by Soonhee (2002) as her account of studies contributes to her hypothesis that through participative empowerment mission accomplishment and job satisfaction are received favorably. Exhibiting confidence and allowing situations where others will be challenged, yet allowed to succeed, will help empower that my group will demonstrate useful leadership techniques. The power to influence one another within any environment or community becomes essential in reaching the ultimate potential of that group, agency, business, or family. Harnessing and holding all the powers in the group is often dangerous and not healthy. Sharing information and new ways of accomplishing tasks will help make the group become a more conducive unit and simultaneously create an environment of shared celebration and accomplishment leading to even more continued success and growth.

Communicating the desired corporate message is also very important in any leadership plan of action. Communication and effective manner by verbal and nonverbal ways becomes essential in developing the ideas that are necessary to support the project. Palmer (2001) described the conditions of emotional stability as considerably instrumental in work place cohesion. Assuring that new ideas are welcome from all those, regardless of subordination, helps create environment where ideas will become easily communicated and understood by all. Adhering to policies regarding communications electronically, by phone, or by any other means is essential in synchronizing everybody on the same wavelength and frequency. Language and tone are important to remember as well as the power of words is to be respected and looked after in a kind and empathetic nature. Remembering that everyone is from a different background and each have different means of communicating is also important in overcoming obstacles and communication and sticking with the plan in order to ultimately reach understanding.

Specific tasks that are included with my plan of action will include both group and individual applications. Conducting additional conversations and individual counseling sessions with my subordinates and superiors while developing the company mission into a realization of understood objectives and material acquisitions in an effort to maintain competitive advantage and economic relevancy is extremely beneficial. Encouraging open door policies also serve the best interests of my plan of action, as keeping these forms of communication open help empower my subordinates while increasing my knowledge to improve my decision-making skills and therefore becoming a more productive and efficient leader within the organization.

V. Conclusions

As a project manager it is important to realize that management and leadership skills are in high demand and necessary for success. Managing others and staying organized and on top of all tasks while maintaining and adhering to company principles requires discipline and commitment. Leadership is useful for all managers, yet everyone can be a leader. It is important for me in my specific situation to understand and utilize the idea that leadership skills are most important in my specific situation. Improving my intelligence to improve my decision-making skills while empowering others to communicate their ideas are useful steps in accomplishing my mission.

Using self-assessment as a tool to express and investigate the different aspects of leadership and management has revealed an important technique in improving the systems for work. Utilizing different approaches and adapting them to appropriate situations is the mark of a solid leader worthy of managing subordinates in the workplace. Developing and establishing the foundation within the work-based learning system has proven to be effective in highlighting these approaches and giving new light to the usefulness of this system.

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