Leadership Development Plan Research Paper

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Subsequent mentorship programs shall be planned in advance to ensure that funding to the program does not compromise the time delivery of the workshop. As a mentor I have appreciated in order to impact more practical learning to nurses a furtherance of their study through the seminar and workshops should not be ignored. An outside class setting in these workshops and seminars will also go a long way to increase confidence and bring out the students practice concerns.

Organization Planning: Time management

Objective is to reduce wastages and overcrowded work schedules thus easing pressures associated with provision of required health service. By seeing to it that objective is attained, nurses will competently undertake their duties in patient care, and provide medical staff with the support they need. Owing to systematic measures in undertaking roles, staff moral will be boosted providing avenue for better learning experiences and communication between staff. Time management is an important component towards achieving an objective set in organization. Time cannot be substituted and is irreversible thus making it essential to plan and manage time prioritizing and activities accordingly (Caldwell & Carter, 2001). Nursing services tend to be demanding and time-consuming.

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The institution of the time management objective through work schedule catalogue was met with an objection by the nurses. Nurses objection to the notion of a work and time catalogue was seen as a close monitoring upon their work performance. This challenge obscures smooth institution of the time management measures (Duffy & Hardicre, 2007). It was a difficult device time management measure that accurately attends to the need of the hospitals nursing unit. The initial time management template devised is used to date although nurses feel it has some inadequacies.

Problem solving techniques and behavior change

Research Paper on Leadership Development Plan Leadership Development Assignment

In order to see to it that the time management catalogues are used by Nurses, discussions over their importance were held. In the discussion, nurses were called upon to give their views over the time management catalogues and encouraged to participate in improving them (Gardner & John, 1990). Time for discussion on the time schedule was limited and this incapacitates improvements on the time schedule. It is realized that, prior to coming up with the time schedule the patient nursing unit out to be engaged to ensure that they embrace the work schedule as their own. This will improve on time management and increase nurse motivation in undertaking their respective tasks.


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Gardner, & John. (1990).… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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