Leadership Discuss Strategic Planning as a Management Essay

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Discuss strategic planning as a management process. Are you aware of your organization's strategic plan? Organization is a medical system. Discuss how nurse leaders are involved in the planning process? Discuss how fiscal planning and strategic planning are related. Discuss how your organization plan drives the budget. Write 2 different discussions using the above information.

The most effective healthcare and medical services provides view strategic planning as a highly iterative, interactive process throughout the many departments and divisions of their organizations. Strategic planning as a management process involves the traditional processes of planning, organizing, leading and controlling within a framework that encapsulates each of these areas from a long-term perspective.

An excellent strategic planning process also allows for those most affected by the changes necessary for it to succeed to have a very clear, dominant voice in its definition and development (Kurtzman, 2010). Nurse leaders are critically important for the development and execution of a strategic plan in that they can quickly mitigate resistance to change, streamlining adoption of the plan significantly over time. The role of an effective strategic planner is to take into account the needs, preferences and wants of all constituents, customers, suppliers and stakeholders throughout the organization (Lazarus, 2011). This is the most critical aspect of change management and transparency in any strategic plan, especially from a healthcare perspective (Kurtzman, 2010).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Leadership Discuss Strategic Planning as a Management Assignment

Fiscal and strategic planning must be combined and measured concurrently to each other throughout each phase of the strategic planning process. Only by doing this can resources be budgeted for, plans created and solidified and metrics of performance defined that allow for the most effective fulfillment of a strategic planning and execution process (Nancy, 2010). Often the metrics used in fiscal planning are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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