Leadership Effectiveness Leadership Qualities Research Paper

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The leader should have a positive and friendly attitude towards the employees and should invite them to ask questions and help them to make decisions. Leaders should be capable of maintain a good working environment. One should be open to criticism and should be able to face failure without blaming the workers or the employees.

By following Branson's leadership style at work one should include the approaches of directing, participating and delegating in one's leadership style.


Leadership effectiveness is the key element for the development of a good working team which can help to achieve the goals and objectives of a particular company. Without good leadership qualities it is not possible to maintain a strong team which eventually results in bringing downfall to the company. Branson's leadership style stands among the best leadership example which works as a guideline for those who want to achieve the best working teams and achieve high goals and objectives.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Leadership Effectiveness Leadership Qualities Effective Assignment

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