How Does Leadership Emerge in a Group That Has No Common History? Essay

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Emergence of leadership in a Group with no

Common History

Work groups are critical to a survival of an organization, and have been identified as the building blocks to enhancing organizational effectiveness. Groups are the broadest category of social aggregate involving in mutual interaction and mutual awareness. However, a leadership role must be filled within a group to solve a problem within a group. While a group is critical for organization, however, an effective matching leader is critical to deliver a problem-solving solution as well as mentoring, coach and serve the role of a facilitator to enhance effectiveness of a group. Leadership is the process of social influence where an individual uses his or her social influence to enlist the support of others to accomplish a common task. Leadership theory reveals traits, which include situational interaction, behavior, power, value, charisma, vision and intelligence. Leadership is an evolved traits target to assist a group to function effectively. In a setting where a group of people interact, a leader always emerges. Within the academic circle, a question remains unanswered: How a leader emerges within a group that has no common history?

Fundamental objective of this paper is to investigate how a leader emerges within a group.

How a leader Emerge Within a Group having no Common History

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One of the fundamental methods that influence an emergence of leader in a group with no common history comes from the evaluation of individual ability as well as commitment assigned to group goals. An emergent leader from a group is an individual having a significant influence on other member of the group. However, an emergent leader does not have any formal authority compared to a formal leader. A leader could derive legitimacy through the group members' perception.

Essay on How Does Leadership Emerge in a Group That Has No Common History? Assignment

Task competence is an important factor that influences an emergent of a leader within a group. Typically, a group is formed to solve a problem, and a group member who has a competent to solve a problem is likely to emerge as a group leader. A task competence encompasses a set of characteristics that requires a group to achieve its desire goal. For example, an individual with higher mechanical ability is likely to emerge as a leader within a group performing mechanical tasks. Typically, task ability largely contributes to a leader's emergence.

Goal commitment is another factor leading to an emergent of a leader within a group. A group member who determines to accomplish a goal and unwillingness to lower or abandon that goal is likely to emerge as a leader. Thus, a group member needs to be sufficiently involved in the group tasks to be emerged as a leader. Thus, a leader must show a greater concern to a group goal than other member of the group.

Other antecedents are also identified which include seniority, personality traits, gender, verbal participation rate and approval from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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