Leadership the Essence Application Essay

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The Essence of Leadership

It is often said a manager is what one does and leader is who one is. One of my core values is continually seeking insight, intelligence and knowledge to excel at the tasks I've taken on. In turn, I rely on these skills learned to better serve those around me, better support and strengthen those that rely on me including my beloved children, and seek to elevate the groups I belong to by contributing as much as possible. I believe a great leader needs to concentrate just as much on preparing themselves to serve others as they invest in improving themselves.

An Analysis of My Leadership Strengths

Of the many galvanizing moments in my career, the greatest were serving in the U.S. Navy, completing a tour of duty in Iraq, in addition to case management and counseling for battered women earlier in my career. These positions required me to grow as a leader much faster than a typical progression that others experience. I had to find approaches to keep motivation high in Iraq, and with lives on the line for battered women, had to be creative in finding solutions fast. These experiences, along with my educational background, served as a crucible that reshaped who I am as a person and what my values are.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Application Essay on Leadership the Essence of Leadership it Is Assignment

Moving beyond myself and thinking more about my teams in Iraq, in case work and on help lines for battered women, all taught me to value others and serve them not only in the moment, but also to guide them to their goals as well. Leadership is as much about sharing new intelligence and information, helping others to succeed as it is about succeeding on ones' own. These are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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