Leadership Ethics Essay

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Therefore, only ethical leaders can be considered as genuine transformational leaders. The most important concept from the text and the book is the role of ethics in leadership, particularly ethical leadership. In light of the complex and rapidly changing situations in today's world, leaders need to conduct situational analysis and avoid applying a standard or rule that would make them unethical (Langlois, 2011, p.34). Ethical decision making is the core of today's leadership decisions and leadership styles.

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In some portions in his book, Langlois suggests that programs and case studies that train people to act in certain specific ways when facing ethical situations are not effective methods for teaching ethics in organizations. Langlois' views and claims are based on the role of ethical decision making in today's leadership decisions and processes. This claim implies that there is no standard or rule in ethical decision making that is applicable to all situations or a one-size-fits-all approach to ethical situations. The case studies and programs that train people to act in particular means are ineffective because they are based on the assumption that all ethical situations require certain approaches. In contrast, by applying these methods to the various situations, leaders may end up being unethical in their approach to these situations and leadership in general. In response to this, it is quite evident that these programs and case studies do not consider the evolving nature of the modern society and leadership issues. The modern society is characterized with complex situations and contexts that contribute to numerous changes in the obligations and duties of leaders. The changing nature of situations, contexts, and obligations and duties of leaders require analysis of each situation on a case-by-case approach to determine the most appropriate ethical decision and action. Therefore, applying a standard or rule as presented in these programs and case studies may jeopardize the process of effective ethical decision making and action.


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Essay on Leadership Ethics Assignment


Langlois, L. (2011). The anatomy of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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