Leadership - Gates of Fire Essay

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They fought with heart and soul and tried their best to delay the action of Persians so that their home land people get time to ready for the battles of Salamis and Plataea.

This story of 300 Spartans and the leadership set by King Leonydas explored by Pressfield is of important significance for U.S. Army. It portrays what can be done for the sake of humanity and how strong leadership can help in overcoming even the most critical situations. This story gives the true definition of courage to the armies and shows the importance of creating strong bonds among the comrades in arms.

It shows how the good training, guidance, disciplines and proper use of resources can bring desired outcomes. Moreover, it also teaches how the victory achieved by sacrifices gives strength and motivation to others. This historical story narrated by fictional characters has several lessons in it for the U.S. Army who often has to face critical situations for beating the enemies. It not only gives history information but also the lessons of courage, comradeship and teamwork.


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Essay on Leadership - Gates of Fire Assignment

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