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The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the leadership theories of Max Weber, James MacGregor Burns and Daniel Goleman. All three of these leadership theorists have made significant contributions to the field of managerial and leadership behavior, and taken together their theories provide a solid foundation for defining the differences between transactional and transformational leadership.

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Research Paper on Leadership the Intent of This Assignment

The foundational elements of Max Weber's theories of leadership are predicated on the recognition that leadership is not a trait or static in nature, yet must be fluid, agile and highly situational to be effective. His classification of the three dominant types of leaders being bureaucratic, charismatic and traditional is the catalyst many leadership theorists credit with the foundation of transformational leadership (Weber, 1948). Weber was also the first theorist to see that situational awareness and emotional intelligence have a direct effect on how effective leaders are. He was able to succinctly define these differences using the constructs of transactional and transformational leadership (Weber, 1948). A transactional leader concentrates on managerial and leadership styles that are short-term in nature and driven more by the need to get immediate results. A transformational leader is one that seeks to motivate by defining a compelling long-term vision, providing individualized attention, defining unique and highly targeted employee development programs and being accountable to associates (Weber, 1948). Weber believed that all of these qualities were essential for a leader to progress from being transactional to transformational in their leadership styles, and added that the charismatic nature of a leader is critical for their success (Weber, 1948). Weber's theoretical frameworks made contextual sense during the time period he was advising corporations and working in academic, and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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