Leadership Management Assessment of Transformational A-Level Coursework

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Leadership Management

Assessment of Transformational Leadership

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The purpose of this analysis is to provide insights into the transformational leadership skills of Bruce Marlow, former CEO of 21st Century Insurance. Mr. Marlow has shown a consistent level of emotional intelligence (EI) and transformational leadership skills when faced with the many of the challenges inherent in operating a large-scale healthcare provider and insurer. The healthcare industry continues to be dominated by increasing calls for compliance at both the state and federal levels, creating significantly greater levels of uncertainty in the process (Health Research and Educational Trust, 2007). For CEOs to be effective in their roles in any area of the healthcare industry, it is critical they be as effective in leading change as they are in managing strategic planning and long-term development (Health Research and Educational Trust, 2007). Further, exceptional CEOs are also transformational leaders who have an ability to use situationally-driven logic and insight to ensure the highest performance (Fitzgerald, Schutte, 2010). The leadership expertise of Bruce Marlow is also analyzed using the ten core competencies of leadership as identified by the Baptist Leadership Institute. These include a leader who is a goal achiever, people developer, communicator, team-oriented, innovator, has a strong service commitment, is resourceful, rewards & recognizes, has personal mastery, and is organized around priorities.

Assessing Bruce Marlow on the Ten Core Competencies

A-Level Coursework on Leadership Management Assessment of Transformational Leadership the Assignment

Bruce Marlow's expertise as a leader emanates from his ability to quickly ascertain which specific leadership skill is best suited for the given needs of a situation or challenge. This is one of the most effective skills a leader can have in a keeping a complex, highly distributed organization aligned to its goals (Mindtools, 2012). The ten core competencies as defined by the Baptist leadership Institute are each used for evaluating the leadership skill of Bruce Marlow. First, his ability as a goal achiever is defined by the ability to set challenging, long-term goals and attain them through the coordination fo departments and divisions in the company. This has been seen first-hand. Second, the core competency of being a people developer is also evident in hwo Bruce Marlow often acts as a developmental leader in creating opportunities for personal growth. Third, the role of being a communicator is evident in how Bruce Marlow chooses the best possible communications channel for a given message, in addition to defining which specific series of steps need to be taken in each communication. Bruce Marlow uses communication to show not only future plans but why they are necessary. Fourth, his team-oriented leadership skill is outstanding, as he seeks to be all-inclusive in his work with everyone in the company. Fifth, the role of innovator is evident in how he manages the continuing adoption… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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