Leadership and Management Differences Essay

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¶ … Leadership and Management

Differences in Management and Leadership

In the article What Leaders Really Do (Kotter, 2001) the author uses a variety of constructs, examples and frameworks to define the differences between management and leadership. Underlying all of these is the fact that management is more oriented towards ensuring the stability of an organization through a variety of control and reporting systems while leadership is more oriented towards defining a vision and mission for their business (Kotter, 2001). From this fundamental difference in the two roles, the author builds out a framework comparing each.

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Essay on Leadership and Management Differences in Management and Assignment

Kotter's definition of management is aligned with the classical view of this function in an organization being comprised of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. He uses comparable terms and also expands more on the role of management in coping with complexity and anticipating needs in an organization from a staffing and resource perspective. The role of management, according to Kotter, is to also ensure the stability and longevity of an organization through the use of systems and controls that provide feedback on the alignment of an organization to its goals (Kotter, 2001). A manager is one that puts systems in place to also evaluate historical performance in light of current or existing performance relative to a goal or objective. All of these factors taken together lead to a manager being more focused on the present and immediate future, not necessarily looking past a time horizon where tactical strategies can make the most contribution to an organization (Kotter, 2001). The management role… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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